And that’s a (tortilla) wrap…

As this class comes to a close, I think it’s only appropriate to give my favorite meal on this taco taste-testing tour the past semester.

My choice would have to be Tacos N Madre while I was in Ocklawaha, Florida over spring break. Those tacos were some of the best I had ever eaten. The people I got to experience it with are all my favorites. The fact that I was in sunny Florida was a wonderful touch for sure. And the overall review of the restaurant along with the employees was incredible. I loved everything about the trip there. The taco stand, Nalu’s Tropical Take-Out, came in a very close second, but mostly because they weren’t your typical tacos. I love authentic, corn-tortilla’d, cilantro-filled, carne asada steaming tacos, so I chose what I considered the best. Although it wasn’t in Kentucky, I would have to say my favorite place in Kentucky — particularly in Lexington — would have to be Gran Tako. The food is made so perfectly and their carne asada is so tender. I loved it.

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