And in this corner…

In this corner we have Bachata, weighing in as a dance originating in the Dominican Republic!

And in this corner, we have Horchata, weighing in as a a cinnamon flavored drink originating in Valencia, Spain!

I decided to do a little research regarding these two things mostly because I was convinced they could be related somehow, considering Salsa the dance and salsa the dip were related. I knew it was be a different type of relation, if any at all, simply because of the ending of “bachata” and “horchata” were the same.

According to Latin Post, this delicious drink derived from Spain, saying, “In terms of etymology, the name derives from the Catalan word orxata, from ordiiata, because the drink was made from ordi (barley).”

When I was looking for information about the word “bachata”, I wasn’t able to find anything similar. All I found was that it is of African origin. So that led me to look for what the suffix “-ata” meant in Spanish.

Turns out, words that end in “-ata” in Spanish indicate an action. In this case, though, “-ata” in the word horchata means “made of or derives from” because it has roots in Latin. Since the word “bachata” came into existence much later, and formed in the Dominican Republic, it means an action, which in this case is dancing.

Unfortunately, Bachata and Horchata have nothing to do with each other, not even the endings of the words. What I would say  that they do have in common, though, is the fact that “bachata” means “party or good time”, and I think we would all agree that it’s one heck of a good time drinking some horchata!

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  1. stevenpaulalvarez · March 10, 2016

    I’m behind on these, amiga, my apologies!

    Another thing that Mexican folks bring with food is dance, part of culture. Some of the popular ones are cumbia and salsa, but to be honest, folks from Colombia and the Caribbean are more famous as dancers.

    You have to be familiar with the music of Selena, right? Well, she’s big, but if you’re looking for something cool that has lots of Mexican influence, check out Cafe Tacuba. They are super cool, maybe less dancy, but they bring in lots of different styles of music folks dance to.

    Cool videos!


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