Yummy research

The two places I decided I would like to look more into are two places I have already been to, yet are places I haven’t really looked into or explored other platos while there.

These places are:

  • Ellos on South Broadway
  • Rincon on Euclid

I have been to Ellos and Rincon a few times, but everytime I go to either of these places, I end up getting the same thing. I would love to go there and find out more about the business, how it started, and try other plates.

One comment

  1. stevenpaulalvarez · January 30, 2016

    The style of food you may remember from your travels might be found close to the school where your sister works. She may have some good suggestions as well, or may want to help with your research. She’s welcome to join in on Instagram too with the #tacoliteracy hashtag. In Spanish or English pues!


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