Ellos with ellos


June 24th, 2014, the day I fell madly in love. Not with a person, though it might as well be because I would marry it. It does love me back, so it counts. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had no idea it lived so close to me. My friend, Emily, introduced me to it that summer and once I laid my eyes on it, I knew my life would change from that moment on.

We had just finished playing some sand volleyball at the park. We were completely exhausted from giving our all on the court that we grew up quite the appetite. To put it lightly, we were “hangry”, a combination of hungry and angry, as people like to call it nowadays. It was a simple, tiny shack on North Broadway with no room to sit, but the food made up for it. No one would have guessed it was such an immaculate place — or even noticed it.

Emily ordered something called a “torta”, which I had absolutely no idea about. I am more of a taco-kind-of-girl, so, of course, I ordered some. I decided on the “Latino” — an authentic-type taco consisting of steak, cilantro, onions, and lime juice. My mouth was salivating at the scent. The mustiness of the place probably had a great contribution with that.

“CASEY!” — they called my order out. Relief came over me.

As we sat on the stoop outside on South Broadway, I consumed to most incredible tacos I have ever tried. My mouth watered and my stomach moaned for more of the yummy goodness as I finished and washed it all down with my all-time favorite refresco — pineapple flavored “Jarritos”.

That wasn’t going to be the last time I went to that place.



One comment

  1. stevenpaulalvarez · January 30, 2016

    Ah the cure to hanger, the torta and taco cure. Vitamin T que no?

    I like this story, and also though how it’s about sharing a kind story with your amiga, which you give some voice to. More dialogue though. Also, describe more the space, on the outside and inside. Also where you sat. What details do you recall?

    What about that drink you had there. How would you describe that soda, and also why you chose it.


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